Bronze Polycarbonate Solid Sheet

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Polycarbonate (PC) are a group of thermoplastic polymers containing carbonate groups in their chemical structures. Polycarbonate used in engineering are strong, tough materials, and some grades are optically transparent. They are easily worked, molded, and thermoformed. Because of these properties, polycarbonate find many applications. Polycarbonate do not have a unique resin identification code (RIC) and are identified as "Other", 7 on the RIC list.And the polycarbonate sheet is a popular and beautiful roofing materials in the building area.


Polycarbonate solid sheet

Polycarbonate bronze solid sheet is suitable in environments where safety is paramount. Polycarbonate sheet has a class 1 fire rating that is significantly better than acrylic,making it ideal for use in public areas.

Easily fabricated,polycarbonate solid sheet offer good UV protection,which is why it is often used for conservatories,greenhouses and protecting substances vulnerable to harmful UV rays.

Our polycarbonate solid sheets are available in clear,translucent or opaque and come with a choice of tints and colour. With Up to 90% light transmittance,polycarbonate solid sheet can be used a lcaer protective material so you do not have to compromise on aesthetic

Polycarbonate Brown solid sheet combines ultra-high impact resistance with clarity, making it the material of choice for demanding applications. Polycarbonate solid sheet is virtually unbreakable, yet it is transparent as glass at less than half its weight. Polycarbonate solid sheet can be cold bent and easily fabricated and formed, making it ideal for barrel vault roofing, skylights, architectural roofing and glazing. Clear, translucent and opaque Polycarbonate solid sheets are also ideal as machine guards, sound barriers, anti-vandal and safety glazing. Polycarbonate solid sheets Diffuser and LB sheets are extensively used in durable light boxes.

Features and advantage:

1. Very high impact strength

2. Excellent light transmission

3. UV protection and Anti-aging

4. Good weather resistance

5. Light weight and simply installed

6. Could be deep-processed, widely used

7. Soundproof well


Polycarbonate resin


Clear, Opal, Lake blue, also could be custom color


1220*2440 ,2100*5800 or customized


0.8mm-20mm or other thickness




UV protection

Impact resistance:

80 times that of glass, 15 times that of acrylic sheeting

Temperature resistance range


Light weight

Only 1/12 of the weight of glass of the same thickness


5~10 years

Delivery time:

After the receipt of deposit


larger than that of the bolt or rivet stems by 50%" so as to avoid expansion or shrinkage.

when drill, and cover the exposed portion with silicone compound to prevent detergents permeating which brings damage to pc sheets, and avoid gradual cracks.

Rivet heads should be larger than the stems by 2 times. Use gaskets or washers to avoid the rivet heads touching pc sheets, and reduce the pressure.

Do not screw it too tightly.

Do not use PVC gaskets.

The bending part should be avoided using screw for cold bending process.


What are Solid Plastic Sheets?

Solid plastic sheets are sheets of strong durable plastic or plastic like materials which are cut to size and sold in a wide range of sizes and thickness. These hard plastic sheets, once purchased, can then be cut or machined into components for the fabrication of products for use in a wide range of industries. Different plastics have different properties which lend them for use in specific applications


What is Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is also known by the abbreviation PC and is a transparent amorphous engineering thermoplastic. Amorphous is the term given to plastics that gradually soften rather than go from a solid to a liquid when heated. Having this property means that this plastic is less likely to warp when subjected to high temperatures and easy to mould and thermoform. Polycarbonate is very tough with excellent impact resistance but also lightweight, very pliable and can be moulded and formed at room temperature without cracking or breaking. This clear sheet plastic is often used as a substitute for sheet metal if transparency or a non-conductive material is needed. One of the drawbacks with PC plastic sheet is its low scratch resistance so an additional hard coating needs to be applied where a scratch free surface is required

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